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There are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding real estate agents and real estate in general. Let us set the record straight by debunking these 7 common real estate myths: 

Myth #1 — Agents get incentives to recommend lenders/title companies/inspectors.

This is definitely untrue—against the law, actually—thanks to the 1974 instatement of RESPA: the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. This law prevents any type of kickbacks or favors to real estate agents from vendors which means that any recommendation from an agent is typically based on his/her experience with that particular individual. By recommending them, the agent is only trying to make sure you have an efficient process. 

Myth #2 — Real estate agents try to upsell you to make

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You may have lived in Chattanooga your whole life, but do you know everything about your city? Here are a few Chattanooga facts that most visitors, and maybe even some locals, might not know: 

1. Chattanooga was home to first patented miniature golf course, Tom Thumb Golf on Lookout Mountain. It was created in 1927 by Rock City Gardens founder Garnet Carter to attract traffic to the creator’s hotel.

2. The Lookout Mountain Flight Park and Training School is world renowned for training hang gliding pilot hopefuls. People from all over the world come to learn there, and the school graduates more pilots than any other school in the world. 

3. The city is home to Tennessee’s largest mall—Hamilton Place Mall.

4. The Glen Miller Orchestra won

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