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Mother’s Day is a special day where we get to show our moms just how much they mean to us. Finding the perfect gift can sometimes prove to be difficult. Giving her a beautifully drawn, crayon colored card doesn’t quite do the trick as an adult like it did when you were six. Thankfully, we live in a city full of local shops and experiences that can help! From a traditional bouquet of flowers to a special day of shopping, Chattanooga offers something for every mom to make sure her day is truly the best.

For the traditional mom:

Put a bit of a spin on the flowers you give your mom this year! Jodi Jardin’s Flower Shop is not your average flower shop. It is truly an experience to enter under an archway of beautiful blooms and into a garden filled…

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If you’ve noticed the ‘For Sale’ sign in the yard next door has finally gone and been replaced with a moving truck, it’s about time to introduce yourself to your new neighbors! 

Beyond creating important community ties, a friendly watchful neighbor can be an amazing person to have in your corner. If you are leaving an empty home behind to go on vacation, it’s great to know someone has your back if they see a strange car in your drive. 

Foster a great neighbor to neighbor relationship from the get go by introducing yourself—and come bearing gifts! 

Here are our top six favorite housewarming gifts:

  1. Baked Goods

A basket of cookies, a cake or a loaf of freshly baked bread is a great way to let a new neighbor know they are…

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